This Car dealership area light system uses only 300 watts at can be positioned to a 90-120 degree angle to cover the desired area with bright light. The efficiency of LED lighting is proven to be the industry leader and this light system is backed by a 10-year warranty.
If you have been searching for an LED parking lot light system or a solution like an LED area light then be sure to read about how this great lighting system can bring you luminosity in open outside areas.
LED lighting is becoming the industry standard with its ability to outperform conventional light systems like incandescent bulbs. They have very low requirements in terms of usage of electricity and they are highly reliable with virtually no need for maintenance. Find out how this high-end light system can help you with a 140 lumens/Watt that ensure you receive optimal lighting and drastically reduce your energy costs with this system. You can use this LED parking lot light and fix it to transform your parking lot into a well-lit area that provides added safety. Keep on reading to find out how this LED area light can help you and outperform the competition below.
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You will save money on energy and maintenance costs with this high-end unit. You can use this LED area light for things such as car lots, grocery store parking lots, and major retail store parking lots. Your options are virtually unlimited with this lights ability to operate in extreme weather conditions between -22F to +122F or -30C to +50C. The special design of the housing is made of aluminum which has a high thermal conductivity ensuring perfect heat dissipation if you ever had to adjust it. It is
also designed in an elegant modern approach and the LED parking lot light is waterproof, dustproof as well as is designed to be anticorrosive giving it the ability to last a long time with no issues.
When you are looking to install this piece it comes with four different adjustable brackets that include a split fitter mount, a trunnion mount, an arm pole as well as wall mount which gives you a lot of options for setting it up for use. The high grade of light you will get with this LED area light is immense and the energy savings you will benefit from will be noticed. Also, it is built to withstand the pressures and tests of time and like stated earlier, is backed by a 10-year warranty.
LED PARKING LOT LIGHT 300w Car dealership area light
Car dealership area light / led parking lot light

We can guarantee that you will not have to do any maintenance on this lighting system as it is built to last.

These lights are incredibly bright with a 140 lumens per watt of energy which is a lot of light. Compared to incandescent light bulbs you will save over 75% on your energy usage by using this LED parking lot light. This LED area light is built to last and is durable and the bulbs will last for a long time giving you peace of mind. You will save money both on maintenance
fees and energy costs which gives you more room to work within your business.

 Car dealership area light Certifications & Compliances

This is a great featured lighting system and has been certified and backed by the following regulatory agencies and compliances which include DLC 4.2 PREMIUM, UL LISTED, RCM CERTIFICATION, ROHS COMPLIANT, CB CERTIFIED and CE CERTIFIED. When you purchase this light what you are
getting is a solution to provide a large area of light in outdoor areas. As we stated earlier this light can be used in parking lots, construction sites, sports fields, shopping mall parking lots and anywhere where you need light and want added safety.
If you happen to be interested in this Car dealership area light / led parking lot light system then, be sure to give us a phone call to talk to one of our friendly staff members who will answer your questions and give you access to more information. You can call us toll-free by dialing: 1-888-GOLED-12 (1-888-465-3312). Or if you
are in our service area you can visit us at our retail store which is located in Pitt Meadows, BC Canada. You can also contact us by filling out our form available on our website if you need any more information or details about this LED parking lot light system. If you want to talk to us about this light
be sure to contact us today and we will be more then happy to help you with your needs. Email, call us or visit us in store today.
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