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Over the years the lighting technology has developed tremendously. Nowadays it is possible to find a lighting solution that is inexpensive, low-maintenance and has a remarkable lifespan. When searching for a high bay lighting system for your warehouse or your retail store, you will find a lot of options on the present market. Chances are that these options will overwhelm you to the point where you just won’t be able to decide on which is the best. Well, we are here to tell you that the search is over, for you have found the best high bay lighting solution: LED High Bay lights! Why are LED lights the best option for your industrial space? Keep reading this article as we reveal to you the great advantages of this lighting system.

Benefits of LED High Bay

When running a business it is crucial to have a good balance between expenses and profits. The lighting system you choose might have a greater impact on that balance than you might think. Therefore, we recommend choosing high bay lights that are sustainable, low maintenance, don’t waste energy, have a long lifespan and are efficient. If this description seems too good to be true, let’s see how LED High Bay lights meet each of these characteristics, and what good does that do for your business.

  • Better lighting for your customers and employees

Regardless of whether you need high bay light for a warehouse, a supermarket or a school gym, there are always people involved, people that need a good light to either to their job or to shop. The lighting system you use will influence their attitude and efficiency more than you might think. Let’s put it this way, if you choose a lighting system that is not bright enough, your workers will find it difficult to concentrate, to find what they need and even to communicate, which will lead to low work efficiency and less profit for you. Even more, a bad lighting system, such as Metal Halide high bay lights, might start to flicker and that is the last thing you what your customers to experience in your store or supermarket. On the other hand,

LED High Bay lighting has a superior brightness and color rendering that stays constant, helping workers to concentrate better and customers to feel more welcomed in your store.

  • Almost no maintenance required

Most of the high bay lighting alternatives found on the market will require a rather high maintenance routine that can get quite expensive. When purchasing a high bay lighting system, you don’t want a bulb that will burn quick or one that will need replacement often. That is mainly because replacing a high bay light is not as easy as replacing a light bulb in your room. It requires a new bulb or light, but also special equipment and even specialized staff that will be able to climb to the high ceiling in order to fix the problem. All this will bring extra expenses that you might not anticipate. When choosing LED High Bay lights this problems will not bother you anymore, for LED lights have a lifespan that outperforms any other lighting alternative. Being even forty times more long-lasting than any traditional lighting system, LED High Bay lights can help you save $$$ of maintenance costs, even more, we will provide 10 years warranty for our LED High Bay lights, so maintenance will be the last thing to worry about.

  • Superior light quality

When deciding whether a light technology is able to offer a high-quality light there are at least two aspects to consider: light brightness and color rendering. LED High Bay light is able to provide the best light in comparison to other lighting technologies. For instance, HID high bay lights seem to offer a bright light when looking up. However, by the moment the light reaches foot level, it decreases to the point where it is not bright enough. LED high bay lights, on the other hand, have an increased level of brightness that remains sufficient once it reaches soil level. As for the color render quality, LED lights have the perfect balance between cold light and warm light; therefore it will not alter the true appearance of colors. This aspect will be much appreciated especially in a supermarket or a retail store where clients need to perceive the true color of clothes or makeup items.

  • Make savings on your energy bills

One of the biggest downsides of the traditional high bay lighting systems is the energy waste. These lights have the tendency to waste energy either by losing heat or by wasting light. For instance, the metal halide light wastes a lot of energy by emitting it as heat. Other conventional light waste energy by distributing light omnidirectionally, so a considerable amount of light is lost in the ceiling. LED High Bay Light distributes the light at a 120-degree angle, so no light is wasted. Also, the light housing is made out of aluminum, a metal that has a high level of heat conductivity, therefore no energy will be wasted as heat.

Applications of LED High Bay Lights

After analyzing these great advantages of LED High Bay Lights you for sure consider choosing them as your indoor lighting system. With a working voltage of AC100-277V, LED High Bay will provide you the brightest light. Along with 10 years of full warranty, high-quality materials, and almost no maintenance required, we are sure that there is no other offer on the market that could possibly outperform this one.

If you are wondering whether LED High Bay lights are suitable for your business, please consult the following list of applications:automotive showcasing lighting specialist high bay

  • Car Showrooms – Light is an important tool with which the vehicles on display are given a perfect charisma and a visit to the car dealer’s becomes a sensuous experience.
  • Warehouses
  • Supermarkets
  • Convenience stores
  • Hotels and motels
  • Industrial and manufacturing facilities
  • School and university GYMs

Find out more about LED High Bay lights

Switching to a LED High Bay lighting systems, helped many to make important savings on their energy bills and their maintenance costs. Many had confirmed that they were able to save up to $5.300 of maintenance costs in 3 years, and reduce their energy consumption by 40%-60%. Another proof of the LED High Bay lights performance and quality are its qualifications: DLC 4.2 Premium, TUV Certified, ROHS Compliant, RCM Certified, CE Certified, CB Certified, ETL Listed and DAMP Location Listed.

If there are other details you will like to receive, please feel free to contact us at any time is more convenient for you! You can use our toll-free number: 1-888-GOLED-12 (1-888-465-3312), to talk to one of our staff members that are eager to respond to any of your questions. If you prefer, you can address a question right here on the site, or even visit our store in Pitt Meadows, BC where we are prepared to warmly welcome you and give you any necessary help and advice about LED High Bay Lights

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