Since it made its way in the lighting solutions market, LED technology has continued to blow our minds due to its high efficiency and development potential. Fast forward today, we use LED lights for both our simple and complex illuminating systems. The beauty of the LED’s however is most obvious in one particular segment: complex outdoor lighting solutions. This is the exact space were the LED High Mast Area Light shine their light trough financial, time and power efficiency.

High Mast Led Area Light
LED High Mast Area Light

Allow us to present you why LED are better than HID or HPS lights, or any other, when it comes to high task lighting solutions. To understand why the High Mast Lights are so demanding, we must compare them to other forms of outdoor lighting systems. Right away we notice a difference in dimension. While typical street or roadways lights heights lower than 60-ft, many of them being in the 30-ft range, a High Mast light heights up to 250-ft, 100-ft, or 60-ft. Unlike others, High Mast have a more round or square pattern, resulting in an even distribution of light over the area it covers.

In his conditions, the system requires a light that is powerful enough to reach a good foot candle light level. This is why, the LED performance for this kind of lights ranges up to 105,000 lumens. This is certain to offer the necessary level of light comfort for any possible application. Furthermore, let us introduce to you some other benefits of LED High Mast Lighting.

Benefits of LED High Mast Area Light

  • Huge energy savings

    Now, High Mast Area Light are no ordinary light bulbs, and one can totally see that when checking the energy bill. For a better understanding of the LED system benefits, we will compare it to HID lighting systems, since this are commonly used for High Mast Area Lights. When calculating the energy efficiency of a lighting fixture we must talk in Watts and money. HID lamps for High Mast, range from 400 W to 2000 W. If you are running a few High Must HID lights you can expect to spend anywhere between $6.000 – $13.000 a year.

    How is LED better? The LED High Mast Area light fixtures have a wattage from 209 W to 750 W. This results in an average energy consume reduction of 60%. Translated to money this means savings between $5,500 and $8000 per year in electricity costs alone.
High Mast Led Area Light
  • The maintenance will not be a burden anymore

LED lamps not only last way longer than HID lamps for instance, but they require little to no maintenance. When a High Mast Area Light needs maintenance work, it affects everybody’s activities in that area. Not to mention that changing a fixture as complex as this one requires a team of specialists and special equipment that can cost up to $2000 per fixture per 3 years.

The LED High Mast Area Light are much more reliable and durable. First of all, an LED fixture can last well up to 100 000 hours, often times more. When a LED bulb comes to the end of its life, the light slowly degrades, giving you the time to replace it without much downtime. Second of all, LED lamps are very durable and resistant to both cold and hot temperatures, extreme weather and dust. This means major savings in maintenance each year.

  • High quality light for high task areas

The quality of the light is very important in areas where High Mast fixtures is installed. We are talking big commercial spaces, ports, airports or roadways. In all of this cases light plays a huge role in everyone’s comfort, safety and productivity. HID lamps particularly have an issue at this point. When freshly installed, HID fixtures offer a good powerful light. The issue however, comes quickly after installation when the light rapidly and noticeably degrades.

High Mast Led Area Light

With LED fixtures, the light is way better. First off, the way the light is distributed differs from its alternatives on the market. The light is even, meaning that as you move form a pole to another, the light will vary less, and the change in intensity will be more subtle and pleasant for the eye, unlike the HID lights that only light a bright spot underneath the pole. Additionally, LED High Mast Area Lights are available in a range of color temperatures, allowing the light to mimic the natural sunlight better.

Applications for LED High Mast Area Lights

Due to its benefits, this LED fixtures can be used in various outdoor areas and serve different purposes. Our lamps are ready to light your space regardless of the height of your poles. The aluminum casting is highly resistant, so the lights will do just fine in the most difficult weather conditions that are always different up there than we notice from ground level. Not to mention again how cost effective this lights are, and the fact that you will recover any investment in a rather short amount of time, here are the typical applications for this lights:

High Mast Led Area Light

  • Port Container Facilities
  • Highways
  • Interchanges
  • Rail Yards
  • Correctional Facilities
  • Large Industrial Area
  • Military Installations
  • Airports
  • Truck Stops
  • Toll Plazas

Want to know more about LED High Must Area Lights?

All the benefits we mentioned above are confirmed by the product’s certifications: UL Listed, IP66 Rated, IK08 Rated, ROHS Compliant. This along with our happy clients’ testimonials stand for the quality of our services as well. This is why we encourage you to reach out to us in order to gain more information about our products and what we can offer you. Our staff members will be happy to answer any of your curiosities, concerns or simple questions. We are more than eager to help you find the right light solution for your business or your area. You can also come and visit our store in Pitt Meadows, BC, where we will present you our LED light fixtures and we can discuss any further information you might need.

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