In these times, one of the toughest tasks when choosing a lighting system for public or commercial use is not necessarily finding the most economical option, but one that will persist against vandalism and work accidents. While you want lights that will save energy, yet provide a strong enough light, you also want something that will withstand shocks, water, dust, and corrosion, especially if you are planning to install them in an environment that is prone to those factors. In these conditions, the LED Tri-proof Lights are the best solution for you for several reasons. Let us guide to the benefits of this lighting system and find out why these lights are so much better than the traditional fluorescent tubes.


Benefits of Tri-proof Lights


Light tubes are a great solution for commercial and public spaces. You are able to enlighten a large area using one tube with the minimum costs possible. Still, nowadays it makes no sense to choose fluorescent lighting over the LED systems. We are sure that you are already familiar with the benefits of LED lighting systems. Anyway, you would put it, the LED lights are a better option form the perspective of resistance, durability, long-term costs, sustainability, maintenance, energy efficiency, and environment care. Of course, the acquisition cost might intimidate you, but we strongly recommend to make the cut and you will notice shortly that the investment was well worth it. Below are some of the main benefits of LED Tri-proof Lights.

  • The best lighting in the worst environments


LED Tri-proof Light Microwave SensorIf you are looking for a lighting system for your warehouse, for instance, you are well aware of the danger of damaging your lights due to work accidents. It is only common for tube lights to be smashed by loading machines or other equipment. Every time it’s a shame that you are forced to replace the lights when otherwise it would not be the case. All these unpredicted expenses can cause quite a gap in your budget.


The LED Tri-proof Lights are made to have a high tolerance to shocks. They are covered with a special coat that makes them ultra-resistant to impacts. Basically, you can run a car over the tube, or smash it with a baseball bat, the light will continue to function at full capacity. This feature makes it ideal to be installed in buildings that are prone to vandalism such as subways, schools, bus stations etc.

LED Tri-proof LightAlso, the LED Tri-proof lights are waterproof and will function with no problem underwater jets. That is why these are perfect for swimming pools for instance. The dustproof feature and the resistance to corrosion are also factors that make this lights suitable for warehouses and factories where deposits of dust are always an issue. Parking lots and subways, spaces that are exposed to humidity and sudden temperature changes, will also benefit from LED lights.


  • The installation and maintenance are not an issue anymore


One of the reasons why many appreciate these lights so much is the ease of installation that saves them a ton of time and money. The LED Tri-proof Lights are the easiest to install since you don’t need to take the lenses off. In fact, it is impossible to. The only thing you will need to do is to connect the cables and attach the lights to the ceiling or cables. The installation process is fast, and you will be able to put the lights in function in no time.


Due to its high level of resistance to degradable factors such as water, dust, and shocks, you won’t have to worry much about the maintenance. Plus, we can offer you 5 years of warranty so you can rest assured that any issue might occur a professional will take care of it.


  • Safety is first


When there are power shocks, traditional lighting systems often fail or break, usually putting others safety in danger. The LED Tri-proof lights, however, are equipped with double cable insulation. This means that in case of electric shock, the system does not rely on a single coat of insulation that can easily melt, but two coats that can stand high temperatures. This is another fact that proves that you can trust this LED lighting system.


  • What about energy costs and consumption?


We know you are very preoccupied with your expenses, and it’s only fair to be concerned about the amount of money you spend each month on energy bills. These energy bills can be quite significant for a commercial or a public space where lights are crucial and you need them switched on a long period of time. That is why you should take advantage of the LED Tri-proof lights. In comparison with the fluorescent alternative, the LED lights will help you reduce energy bills by up to 59%.


LED Tri-proof Light parking-garageThe lower energy consumption will not have an impact only on your wallet, but also on the environment. Lower energy consumption means preserving the earth’s resources. Also, the LED Tri-proof lights do not contain mercury or lead and do not emit UV or IR rays.


Applications of LED Tri-proof Lights


LED Tri-proof lighting systems are suitable for various commercial and public spaces, but they can be easily framed into a conventional house. Due to its high durability and resistance features, these lights are especially recommended for places that are prone to humidity, dust deposits, corrosion, vandalism, and random impacts. If you are not sure whether these lights are suitable for your space, below are some of our suggestions:

  • Schools
  • Gyms
  • Swimming pools
  • Parking lots
  • Subways
  • Warehouses
  • Factories and manufacturing sites
  • Car washes
  • Tree nurseries
  • Parks


Want to know more about LED Tri-proof Lights?


All the advantages we discussed above are, of course, supported by the following quality certifications: DCL Listed, UL Listed, IP66 Rated, and IK8 Rated.


We are excited that you are interested to find out more about these lighting systems. We can’t wait to help you benefit from all its advantages and to start to make savings together. From our point of view, you are making the best possible steps towards an enlightened future. You are about to choose the best lighting system for your space, so don’t hesitate to address us any question or concern you might have. We will be more than happy to answer your phone call at the number: 1-888-GOLED-12 (1-888-465-3312). If you prefer you can contact us here on the site, or if you live nearby, we warmly invite you to our store in Pitt Meadows, BC where we can choose together the best lighting solution for you.

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