Car dealership area light / led parking lot light

Components by:

philipsmoonmw mean well

Key features:

 high system efficiency with 140 lumens / Watt ensuring your optimal light and reducing your business energy costs.

This PARKING LOT Lighting will use LED parking lot fixtures to transform your parking lot into a safe, welcoming, well-lit area…that saves you money!

300 watts at a 90-120 degree angle to fully cover the desired area.

 Our car dealership area light comes with everything needed to light up car lots, grocery stores and major retail store chains parking lot.

The special design of housing is made of aluminum, which has very high thermal conductivity (ADC 12 Aluminum)ensuring the heat dissipation.

10 Years warranty  LED PARKING LOT LIGHT 10 YEARS warranty

Able to operate in extreme conditions between  -22+122°F (-30+50°C)

Elegant DESIGN

  Our LED area light is waterproof, dustproof, anticorrosive.

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