Retrofit LED Lighting Solutions for led Replacement sistemWhat would you say about a businessman that, despite the technology progress, insists on communicating through means of letters instead of using emails?  “He is crazy! – one might say – communicating with emails is a lot more time, cost and energy efficient. His business would take a whole new turn for the best. He should make the switch immediately!” Well dear reader, so do you! Manny people that administer buildings or locations linked to high industry domains insist on holding on to old and wasteful lighting systems. If you are one of them, you need to find out why by retrofitting for LED lighting, you will be able to make major savings, and how this switch will help you boost your business.

Retrofit LED Solutions energy savingsRetrofit LED lighting – the first 3 main advantages


●     Energy efficient


When considering upgrading your lighting systems to LED, one of the most obvious advantages is surely the lower numbers in your energy bills. Retrofitting your facility with LED lighting will help you make savings anywhere between 50% to 90%, or even higher depending on the light fixtures from which you are upgrading, and the efficiency of the lights you are replacing.


On top of this, the best part is that you get to enjoy better and more powerful light at much lower costs. Increasing the number of lumens is going to ease the effort of your workers, or attract more happy clients.


●     High lifespan


There is no other light technology on the market that could outstand the lifespan of an LED bulb, and provide the same energy efficiency. Not only that your bills will be lower, but investing in new functional lights won’t be a concern anymore. An LED bulb can last anywhere between 60,000 to 100,000 hours, which translates into 6 to 11 years. With old lighting systems, you would have to reinvest in bulbs every 6 months or 1-2 years. When you run a facility, especially a wholesale, most likely your lights stay on for most of the day. Imagine how cost efficient it would be to retrofit your building for LED lighting!


exterior-led-lighting-retrofit led area light●     Low to zero maintenance

We have already established that there will be no need to replace your lights every year or so. But this also means that there will be no need to pay an electrician to help with the replacement of bulbs so often. Since we are talking about retrofitting for LED to an industrial level, we are talking about high bays, canopy lights, and so on, all being fixtures that cannot be replaced easily, so you most likely need a professional for maintenance issues. By simply making the switch you would spend less time and money on maintenance, which allows you to focus on more meaningful aspects of your business.


Of course, there are many more advantages to discuss, but we will do that while presenting to you 5 lights that you most likely have to retrofit for LED.

Commercial Led High Bay Retrofit Solution
Commercial Led High Bay Retrofit Solution

Retrofit LED High Bay Solutions

If you have a warehouse, a manufacturing facility, a factory, a gymnasium or really any space that is very wide and high, you most probably use high bay lamps in order to properly illuminate the space. Since they hang from the ceiling, high bay lights are a great option to provide an even light on such a big interior space, but getting that light to be as strong as needed is a real struggle with conventional bulbs. Why is a retrofit LED high bay lamp better than other alternatives?



Industrial Led Ufo High Bay Retrofit Solution
Industrial Led Ufo High Bay Retrofit Solution

●   Retrofit LED High Bay VS Metal Halide

Metal Halide (MH) technology is often used for high bays. If your high bays are MH, here is why you should retrofit for LED.With LED there is no need to wait up to 15-30 minutes for the bulb to light and warm up.

You get the light you need as soon as you press the switch. Unlike MH lights, LED high bay is easy to maintain, plus there will be no light failure such as constant flickering. Overall the best advantage is that no energy is wasted through heat, singe an LED retrofit high bay does not need to heat up.




Boost Efficiency and Lumen Density

latest philips lumiledslatest philips lumiledslatest philips lumiledscommercial and industrial led High Bay 2commercial and industrial led High Bay 3commercial and industrial led High Bay REFLECTOR


commercial and industrial led High Bay

22'' Inch width 90-degree angle Reflector Attachment: Extra purchase option

●     Retrofit LED High Bay VS High-Pressure Sodium (HPS)


HPS bulbs are often a choice for high bays. If you have such technology you are probably satisfied with low maintenance costs, a relatively long lifespan and the low acquisition price. Even so, a retrofit LED high bay wins, since the HPS bulbs have the worst color rendering on the market. With LED you get a wide range of color temperature that you can choose from, so you get to enjoy the most suitable and efficient light for you. Also, there is no warm-up waiting with an LED.


  • Industrial LED retrofit high bay VS Fluorescent lights


Some opted for a fluorescent technology for the high bays. Although this is not a very common choice, fluorescent bulbs are cheap to purchase and are somehow energy efficient. However, they have a short lifespan, especially if switched on/off often, and they contain toxic mercury. On the other hand, industrial LED high bay lamps, are completely safe and environmentally friendly and have the longest lifespan on the market.


Of course, all these comparison principles apply to all industrial LED retrofit lamps, so it is safe to say that LED technology is the only option you should consider.

Retrofit LED Sport Lights


Commercial Led Sports Light Retrofit Solution
Commercial Led Sports Light Retrofit Solution

The most spectacular sports events are often held at nighttime. Therefore, a good lighting system is crucial. How can a retrofit LED sports light help you get the best results? Well, we all know that it is impossible to sign a contract for a game night on your arena if you don’t have a great light. This will probably be the first thing you will be asked about since good visibility is crucial for the performance of the gamer. Even more, a good powerful light, with a vivid color rendering, is crucial for the entertainment of the audience, and for the photographers and cameramen to get HD quality images. A retrofit LED light system can offer you the best and strongest light you can get.


By retrofitting for LED your sports lights, there will be up to zero maintenance needed, which means minimal field use is required, and there will be no need for often lamp replacement. Also, there is less likely for a light to fail during one on-going game, and with LED lighting, even if this would happen it would not be that noticeable. Unlike other conventional lights often used as sports lights, the on/off switch works instantly, and there is no need for the 30 minutes warm up time. Also, since it is a green option, you are able to take advantage of the energy incentives provided in order to retrofit your lights for LED.

Easy Retrofit Solution

commercial and industrial sport light retrofitcommercial and industrial led High Bay 2led sports lighteasy installationcontrol systemthermal management

Commercial Shoebox retrofit LED lighting


Commercial Led Shoe Box Light Retrofit Solution
Commercial Led Shoe Box Light Retrofit Solution

The shoebox lamp is often used in large commercial parking lots. We know that retrofitting for LED would be the best choice you could make for your parking lot. In order to attract clients into your big store or building, it is crucial to be able to provide good light in a parking lot. Clients feel more welcomed in well-lit spaces and have the tendency to come back and create bonds based on that. So, investing in LED shoebox retrofit lamps would actually mean increasing your profit numbers. Even more, study cases have shown that by making the LED upgrade, you can reduce your energy costs up to 80% and save well over $1,000 in maintenance per year, all while enjoying the strongest level of light on the market.

Easy Retrofit Solution

Flexible Bracket


Retrofit LED Area Light


Commercial Led Area Light Retrofit Solution
Commercial Led Area Light Retrofit Solution

Area lights are perfect for illuminating large outdoor spaces such as parking lots for grocery stores or major retail stores. It is also specifically great for dealership car areas, where a good light can provide you with tons of potential buyers.

Since we are talking about an outdoor area light, we have to mention the light resistance to outside aggressive factors. When you retrofit for LED your area lights, you will get a highly resistant lamp, that is not sensitive to humidity, or temperature extremes. It is able to operate at -22F to +122F or -30C to +50C.

retrofit area light led parking lot lightretrofit area light led parking lot lightretrofit area light led parking lot lightShoebox-Area-LightShoebox-Area-Light

Flexible Bracket

Easy Retrofit Solution

The LED area light is waterproof, dustproof and the aluminum is anti-corrosive, meaning you will not worry too much about maintenance issues.

Even more, by upgrading to LED area lights, you will get 140 lumens per watt, which is extremely bright and is sure to showcase your space in the most attractive light possible.


Retrofit LED lighting – Canopy Lights

The last type of lamps that we are going to discuss today is canopy lights, often used for illuminating gas stations. At nighttime, how well-lit is your gas station will decide whether a driver will choose you over the competition. Especially if there is another gas station nearby, the driver will be automatically attracted by the one that provides a high-quality light, since it will be easier to park the car. Plus, a better light suggest professionalism and warmth, so your client will feel more welcomed.

How can you get this high degree of light without consuming more energy? Simple, by retrofitting for LED your canopy lights. Not only that you are standing out from the competition, but you are making huge energy savings.


Versatile Installation

Sheet metal box


Can lower energy bills up to 90%



Retrofit Ready

led canopy light commercial and industrial retrofit solutionled canopy light commercial and industrial retrofit solutionled canopy light commercial and industrial retrofit solutionled canopy light commercial and industrial retrofit solutionled canopy light commercial and industrial retrofit solutionceiling box for canopy led lighting solution retrofitled canopy light commercial and industrial retrofit solutionceiling box for canopy led lighting solution retrofit

Upgrading only one canopy light can help you make savings of more than $6,800 per year in energy, and we are not counting the savings in maintenance. A gas station canopy light retrofit can actually increase your profit number, giving your business a strong boost. Plus, you will need less than 5 years to recover your investment.




Regardless of what type of industrial lamp you are using for your space, an industrial LED retrofit installation will change the game of your business for the best. A lot of owners are anxious about retrofitting the fixtures for LED, but after the benefits presented above, we hope that we cleared away any sign of doubt in your mind.


If you want to find out more about retrofit LED lights, we warmly encourage you to contact us. One of our staff members will kindly answer any question you might have about LED lighting systems. If it is more convenient for you, feel free to contact us on our site, or directly in our store located in Pitt Meadows, BC, where we can help you find the best solution for your business.

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