When running a business that implies serving clients during night time, finding the best lighting solution can be quite a challenge. Fortunately for you, the lighting technology has developed a lot lately, to the point where it is possible to easily find an outdoor lighting solution that is sustainable, low maintenance, inexpensive and very accessible. In fact, we will present to you in the paragraphs that follow, what the specialists name the best lighting innovation for outdoor parking lots, roadways or outdoor sports and concerts, so far: Shoebox Led Area Light. What makes these lights better than the other alternatives? Let’s find out together.

Benefits of Shoebox LED Area Lights

Shoebox LED lighthingEven if you might not notice at first, the expenses of assuring a good outdoor lighting for your business can cause a huge gap in your profits, if you don’t make a wise choice. In order to lower your expenses as much as possible, it is recommended that you choose a lighting system that will provide you the better results in time. This is why we recommend not letting yourself impressed by low acquisition prices and rather aim for quality. A v

  • Lower energy costs

The main competitor of the Shoebox LED light is the HID lighting system, which is also the much older one. Although the HID lighting has been the favorite choice for parking lots and other applications, all of us can agree that it is now outdated. With the constant need to spend as less electricity as possible, for both financial and ecologist reasons, it is only wiser to opt for the energy friendlier alternative. And that is Shoebox LED lights.

The LED light technology aims to provide an efficient lighting system that requires fewer watts for more lumens. That means you will a more intense light with fewer energy resources. If you are currently using or planning to use HID lights for your outdoor lighting, consider that choosing a LED lighting system instead, will help you lower your energy expenses by 50% on average.

  • Grow your business by attracting more customers

Us people are not that different than insects when it comes to light. We love the light and we let ourselves constantly drawn to it. This is why you should totally consider the improvement of your lights quality. People feel safe, protected and welcomed into space where there is good light. Well, these feelings will be associated with your business, and it will almost guarantee that they will return. So don’t think of the LED light just as a method to lower your energy cost, but also as a very effective marketing method. Once you will install the Shoebox LED lights, you will actually be able to see increases in your sales, as many of the users confessed.

  • Quality material will assure a longer lifespan

The Shoebox LED lights are usually mounted on a high tick or directly onto a wall. They are able to focus the light exactly where is needed. Yet the best thing about these lights is the fact that it really does not need that much maintenance. The materials that are used in the construction of these lights are of high quality. The LED lights themselves can last somewhere around 60.000 hours (compare with 24.000 hours in HID lights case), which means approximately 8 to 10 years. The housing of the lights also contributes to a longer lifespan. Made from aluminum and having a special design, the housing assures a good dissipation of the heat.

Shoebox LED lighthing accesories

Also, Shoe LED Lights system is not sensitive to extreme weather conditions. It can function properly at -22+122°F (-30+50°C), and it is not affected by exposure to water, dust or sunlight. The metal is also anticorrosive.

  • Low maintenance costs

When running a business, every little saving is important, and we both know that the expenses for lighting maintenance can be quite significant. First of all, if you chose a cheaper but lower quality lighting system, you will definitely need to replace it more often. That means that you will not only have to pay for a new bulb or new lights more often, but you will also have to pay for specialized staff and machinery. These can raise the high cost of replacing even one single light. Many owners who find themselves in this situation prefer to rather not fix the light right away because is an expensive and time-consuming task. Therefore the quality of their lighting will have to suffer significantly which can highly affect their profits.

As mentioned above, however Shoe LED Lights is made out of sustainable materials that will assure a longer lifespan, therefore lower maintenance costs. In fact, we are so sure about our products quality, that we are ready to offer you a 10-year warranty for each product.

Applications of Shoebox LED Lights

Surely, LED Shoebox light is the best solution for commercial parking lots and many other outdoor areas. With a special design, you are able to control where the light provided by this light will spread. This way you will be sure that you are using the lights at their great potential. If you are not sure whether Shoebox Lights are right for your business, check our applications list below:

  • Parking lots
  • Roadways
  • Car dealerships
  • Campuses
  • Parks
  • Streetlights
  • Sports and concerts areas

Want to know more about LED Shoebox Area Light?

We believe that quality brings success, and this principle will also apply to your business if you would only choose a quality lighting system. The benefits of LED Shoebox Area Light are undeniable, and the testimonials of many happy buyers stand as a solid proof o this fact. Another proof of quality is provided by the following certifications: DCL Listed, UL Listed, ROHS Compliant, FCC certification, Suitable for Wet.

We would love to answer your further questions about LED Shoebox Area Light, so feel free to contact us by any means are more convenient for you. One of our staff members will kindly help you with any information you might need. Also, if you would prefer, you can contact us on our site. Most of all, we would be delighted to have you in our store in Pitt Meadows, BC, where we can discuss the best LED lighting solution for your business.

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