Led Sports Lighting - High PerformanceWith the invention of LED lighting, it has created much more applications and uses for those that need superior lighting that uses much less electrical energy and requires less maintenance. We would like to introduce you to our featured LED Sports Lighting system that can help you with your lighting needs and has much greater advantages of then incandescent lighting. Continue reading this article as we expose the benefits and rich features that make this light great for large areas that need high quality LED light.

Features of LED Sports Lighting System Explained:

Led Sports LightingLed Sports Lighting Hockey arena Hockey arena

The features and benefits of this lighting system are intensive. To begin with, this solid-state design has no moving parts and it reduces the needs for maintenance. There are no parts that will wear out or need to be replaced. This provides you with the solution of providing a maintenance-free operation that gives you thousands of hours of quality lighting time without having to replace the bulb or the device.
Also, you can bring the different dynamics of sports to life with high quality and consistently delivered light. This method of lighting can easily meet the stringent demands for international HDTV broadcasting as well as digital photography and slow-motion recording. If you need to broadcast or record an event our lighting system will provide you with the accurate solution to your needs.

Also, this light offers you the flexibility and options for different lighting needs for professional sports events. This LED Sports Lighting system gives the team, the players, and the fans an exceptional experience with superior lighting that will work every time with no fear of failure or breakdown. This light does not require consistent maintenance. It works and the high-quality components it is made with make it a great product that will not let you down.

When it comes to installing this lighting system you will be able to use the metal brackets that ensure both stability and offer you different opportunities for using this light which includes being able to be mounted on a ceiling, wall-mounted and it can also be mounted on poles or ground-mounted. The sports LED lighting have
a large 240-degree adjustable body that can be utilized for your ultimate needs. As we stated earlier this lighting system is built for broadcast and maximizes technology for television broadcast ability. It utilizes a 70CRI and has absolutely no flicker at any frame rate. If you are recording events consider the benefits of this great and durable light system.

Led Sports LightingLED sports lighting applications

The LED sports lighting system has the brightest luminary currently being produced. The lumens can go up to 130lm/w which means that a 1200w LED sports lighting system will produce a guaranteed 156000 lumens in total. This gives you quality lighting that will provide you with your needs. You can easily incorporate this LED sports lighting system and transform your current system to one that is maintenance free, energy efficient and much more affordable over the long term compared other systems of illumination. When you need quality light for entertainment purposes you really will not go wrong with this light.


You can use this LED sports light for all forms of application that include soccer fields, hockey fields, tennis courts, baseball fields, racing tracks, basketball courts, volleyball courts, table tennis courts, boxing and wrestling events, gymnastics gymnasiums and any and all other sporting events that need high-quality light. If you plan on broadcasting
a sporting event on television, be sure to use this light which works great for high definition televisions and media players.


If you are interested in more information about this LED sports lighting

This is a high quality and professional LED sports light and we recommend it for those that want quality without the added expenses of maintenance and not to mention higher energy bills. If you would like to spend less money on your electrical bill while getting the best quality light we recommend this product. This light is certified and backed by the following regulatory agencies: DLC 4.2, UL Listed, ROHS Compliant, RCM Certified, FCC Certified, CB Certified as well as CE certified.

If you would like to know more information about this product be sure to contact us. You can connect with our one of our friendly staff by calling us at our toll-free number which is: 1-888-GOLED-12 (1-888-465-3312). You can also send us a message on our website or stop by our store in Pitt Meadows, BC if you are in the area. We will be more than happy to help you!

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